Power Dynamics in the Clinical Situation: A Confluence of Perspectives
Malin Fors
Contemporary Psychoanalysis, August, 2021

Being considerate every step of the way: a qualitative study analysing trauma-sensitive dental treatment for childhood sexual abuse survivors
Vibeke Kranstad, Siri Søftestad, Therese V. Fredriksen, Tiril Willumsen
European Journal Of Oral Sciences, November 2019.

Invading Deeply into Self and Everyday Life: How Oral Health-Related Problems Affect the Lives of Child Sexual Abuse Survivors
Siri Søftestad, Vibeke Kranstad, Therese Varvin Fredriksen & Tiril Willumsen
Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, November 2019



Odontologisk psykologi
Tiril Willumsen, Lena Myran og Jostein P.Å. Lein, redaktører:
Oslo: Gyldendal Norsk Forlag; 2018. ISBN/EAN: 9788205510791